Quill and Quire review


Quill and Quire reviewed Walls in their current issue. Q&Q was kind to the book, giving it a ‘starred’ review and saying nice things like:

This is, however, no superficial travelogue. Di Cintio immerses himself in his chosen locations, providing historical background and rich reportage of the many social and political realities of being walled in (or out). What emerges is a collection of interrelated vignettes full of dense descriptions and fascinating characters that give the reader a true sense of place.

I am especially excited that the review appears in the same issue as a review – also starred – for John Vigna’s Bull Head. I first met Vigna – who edited Walls – in Fort St. John a hundred years ago when we were both unpublished and unknown. Now we share an issue of Q&Q.

The review of Walls is now online here. The Bullhead review is hereQuill and Quire also named Bull Head one of the 5 best  books of fiction for 2012.