Monthly Archives: September 2014

September 26

The Long Journey of Nathan Phelps

On the stroke of midnight on his 18th birthday, Nathan Phelps left the abuse and tyranny of his father’s Westboro Baptist Church. Phelps’ journey from the WBC’s venomous preaching eventually led him away from God altogether. Now Phelps is an avowed and vocal atheist, and an advocate for gay rights. He is also a Calgarian. […]

September 02

Iceland II: The Hanging Out with Writers Edition

Looks like I’ll be returning to Iceland, erupting volcanoes notwithstanding. Next spring, I will be a featured instructor at the Iceland Writers Retreat. I’ll join an international handful of writers – including Barbara Kingslover, Adam Gopnik, Ruth Reichl and fellow Canadians John Valiant and Alison Pick – in Reykjavic for a four-day program of workshops […]