Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Civic Campers

My profile on Civic Camp, a Calgary civic-action group, appears in this week’s Swerve Magazine (found in The Calgary Herald). Civic Camp is an assemblage of individuals, activists, and advocacy groups that work for change in Calgary and yearn to create a more liveable city. They are an inspiring bunch. The story is called “An […]

Back to the Walls

After a year as a new father, ten months as the University of Calgary’s writer-in-residence, a busy summer of magazine work, and half an autumn’s worth of teaching, I am ready to return to my major project: my walls book. Sometime this month I will travel to the US-Mexico frontier to write about the border […]

“Fellow Traveller” in Eighteen Bridges

My profile on hobo Ron Murdock can be found in the inaugural issue of Eighteen Bridges magazine along with pieces by fabulous writers like Richard Ford, Lisa Moore, Robert Kroetsch and Marina Endicott. I’ve had the pleasure of being in the same room with all of these people – though not all at once – […]