Monthly Archives: December 2010

December 23

In progress: San Diego, Tijuana, and the bars of Tucson

The bulk of my time along the US-Mexico border last month was spent doing research for my Walls book. However, I also managed to collect material for a few stories I am writing for Up!, the in-flight magazine of Westjet Airlines. This is much lighter fare than my walls work, but after a month among […]

A publisher for ‘Walls’!

I’ve known this for a few months now, but this morning I finally signed the contracts and can now make the ‘official’ announcement: In the Shadow of the Walls –  my book-in-progress about my travels along walls, fences and barriers around the world – will be published in Canada by Goose Lane Editions. Goose Lane […]

December 06

“Memento Mirmy” is online

My profile on ‘rogue taxidermist’ Mirmy Winn is now online on The Walrus Magazine‘s website. Mirmy is the Vancouver artist I met in the fall who creates  compelling work with, among other things, unloved mounted weasels and human bones. I will never forget the smell of the human skull she let me hold. The story […]

“Fatherhood” is online

My story about becoming a father, which I’ve mentioned ad nauseam on this blog, is now online in its entirety. Find it here.

December 03

Wall of Sadness

This afternoon I will leave America’s southern borderlands and cross the northern frontier into Canada. I am going home. My month here in southern California and Mexico has been rich in terms of research for my walls book. I haven’t done any new writing for this project in months now – I needed to gather […]

December 02

To the Migrants’ Shrine

Christianity is thick on the borderlands, and I’ve spent much of my time here among people of faith. Jesuits ran the Comedor de los Migrantes in Nogales. All three of Tucson’s migration activist groups – Humane Borders, The Samaritans, and No More Deaths – originated out of faith-based groups. Mark Adams, a Presbyterian Minister, runs […]