Monthly Archives: June 2012

June 28

Leaving Palestine

I will miss the evening jasmine. I will miss the blood-red sunsets. I will miss the green neon on the minarets and the calls to prayer they broadcast over the hills. I will miss the way the olive leaves change colour during the day – from green, to silver, to grey. I will miss the […]

June 28

The Prisoners’ Library

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve become interested in the role of writing and reading to contemporary Palestinian identity. I’ve been seeking out book-related stories to write, and was excited with someone told me about the Prisoner’s Library in Nablus. In 1996, the Israelis closed down two prisons they had maintained in the […]

June 21

Walls: The Cover

Hello all. The Walls book inches closer and closer to publication. Just yesterday I received the final proofed manuscript to sign off on. Once this is done, there is little left to do but wait for the box of writer’s copies to arrive in the mail. There are few greater thrills than tearing open that […]

June 20

The Khalidi Library

In addition to my obligations to the Palestine Writing Workshop, I am spending part of my time here in Palestine researching my own stories. I’ve become very interested in the role of writing and reading in contemporary Palestinian society. To that end, I’ve been visiting libraries and bookstores and meeting with writers to talk about […]

The Palestine Writing Workshop

I’m a little more than halfway through my residency here at the Palestine Writing Workshop in Birzeit. Here is a belated post of what I’ve been up to: I arrived in Birzeit, a village not far from Ramallah, at the beginning of June. My main role here is to lead a three-week creative nonfiction workshop […]

“Palestinian inhibition in the Walled City of Bethlehem”

I’ve been the Writer-in-Residence in Birzeit for a couple weeks now, and have yet to post about my experiences here. I have plenty to write about – excellent sessions with the workshop participants, interviews with Palestinian circus artists, a tour of a library housing ancient texts in Jerusalem’s Old City, a visit to the grave […]