Monthly Archives: October 2013

October 14

Talking about Walls on Radio Canada International

In advance of my presentation at UQAM’s Borders, Walls and Security Conference this week, I had the chance to speak to Wojtek Gwiazda f Radio Canada International. We talked about barricades around the world, the creation of the Other, and a little about what it means to live alongside a wall. You can find the […]

October 02

“On Fences and Neighbours”

Here is a short excerpt from an essay called “Fences and Neighbours” by Cornell scholar Christine Leuenberger. The essay comes from an accordian-style ‘coffee table book’ called Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes (edited by Olivia Snaije and Mitchell Albert and published by Saqi Books). I’ve included a photo of the book above. […]

October 01

Walls in Eden Mills and Kingston

Walls is over a year old now, and its promotional window (in Canada, at least) has long passed. Therefore, I was very grateful to be invited to a couple of excellent writers’ festivals last month. At the charming Eden Mills Festival, I read alongside two food writers, Sarah Elton and Rose Murray. I also ate […]

October 01

Closing the ‘Walls Conference’ in Montreal

A few years back, I attended the “Borders, Walls and Security Conference,” an international gathering hosted by the Center for Geopolitical Studies of the Raoul Dandurand Chair at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Much of what I learned at that conference informed my book, and I enjoyed spending a couple days among wall-thinkers from […]