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Quill and Quire review

Quill and Quire reviewed Walls in their current issue. Q&Q was kind to the book, giving it a ‘starred’ review and saying nice things like: This is, however, no superficial travelogue. Di Cintio immerses himself in his chosen locations, providing historical background and rich reportage of the many social and political realities of being walled […]

December 07

Calgary Herald Christmas Fund

Each year at this time, The Calgary Herald’s Christmas Fund gathers donations to help out worthy community organizations and charities in the Calgary area. The Fund asked me to contribute to the campaign by writing a piece for the newspaper about my own encounters with the city’s poor and downtrodden. I wrote about my work […]

December 07

National Post Review

Another review for Walls, this time in the National Post. The reviewer, Vit Wagner, said the book is “mostly a litany of tears, anger and woe, leavened by bitterly absurdist irony.” Coincidentally, this is exactly how I describe my wrestling career. Wagner liked the book, though, and I am grateful for the kind review. You […]

The Long and the Short

On the same day I found out that Walls: Travels Along the BarricadesĀ did not, sadly, make it onto the shortlist of the B.C. National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, I also learned that Walls did, happily, make the longlist for the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction. Thank you to the Charles Taylor jury for considering […]

Walls reviewed in Alberta Views

Author Myrna Kostash reviewed Walls: Travels Along the Barricades in the current issue of Alberta Views. Myrna was terribly kind to the book, concluding her review with: Di Cintio writes vividly, conscientiously, compassionately and, in his concluding paragraphs, optimistically in spite of all he has witnessed – for he has also witnessed moments of beauty, […]