Monthly Archives: June 2010

Big Night in Forest Lawn

My story about the cooking students at Calgary’s Forest Lawn High School appeared in last Friday’s Swerve magazine. The article chronicled “International Cuisine Night,” the climax of the school’s three-year culinary arts program. Seven grade-twelve students divided into three groups and researched an ethnic cuisine of their choice. After weeks of menu research, each group […]

The Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Pincher Creek

Last weekend, at the Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering, I heard the word ‘genuine’ pronounced gen-u-wine and ‘seed’ used as the past tense of the verb to see. I heard the word ‘cowboy’ used as a verb, as in “you can tell by my lily-white hands that I’ve never cowboyed.” I learned that the grass […]

June 22

Days in Banff

I spent my last official week as the Markin-Flanagan Writer-in-Residence in at forest studio at the Banff Centre.  This is my third such stint in one of the Centre’s marvelous Leighton Studios and my first in the Evamy Studio which looks like this: I spent the bulk of my studio time working on a story […]