Talking Walls on Q


When I speculated what sort of Canadian media attention I might get for Walls, there was no program I wanted to do more than CBC Radio’s ‘Q.’ This morning, very early, I got my wish. Well before dawn in Calgary, guest host Jim Brown and I talked about the book for a national radio audience. Sitting with Jim was both an honour and a blessing: had I been booked to talk with Q’s regular host, Iranian-Canadian Jian Ghomeshi, I’d have been tempted to try speaking Farsi, and likely would’ve made a national ass out of myself.

In the interview, I talk about the border music of percussionist Glenn Weyant. His strange and haunting recordings can be found here.

For my interview with Jim Brown, click here.

For the full Q episode, press ‘play’ below. My interview is the first after the opening essay.