Monthly Archives: February 2011

Scott Nicol on the wall

Author Scott Nicol penned an excellent opinion piece on the U.S. border wall in a recent edition of The Christian Science Monitor called “Costly fence on US-Mexico border is effective – only in hurting nature.” In two pages, Nicol manages to expose the folly of the barrier in terms of its cost in both dollars […]

February 24

Mark Thomas: Extreme Rambling

British comedian and activist Mark Thomas recently walked the entire length of the West Bank wall created a stage show and book out of the experience. I admit I don’t know Thomas’ work – and that the idea of mining the Wall for comedy makes me a little nervous – but this sort of performance […]

A reason to do this

I presented a short talk about writing creative nonfiction at the Calgary Public Library this weekend. The talk involved a lot of my regular shtick which I’ve officially cannibalized enough. I realized this when, after my talk in the theatre lobby, I heard one of the audience members say: “It was good, but repetitive. I’ve […]