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TEDxCalgary video: Subverting the Walls

Last June I gave a talk about subverting walls for TEDxCalgary. In it I spoke about to men who defeated walls in Ceuta and Palestine by physically going over them, and about two artists in Arizona and Ramallah who subvert walls by transforming them through art. The video of my talk is now online. Thanks […]

July 22

“The world is not as small as Google Earth depicts it.”

Here is an article from the Financial Times on travel writing. The piece, titled “The places in between,” is a little cranky – Paul Theroux penned it, after all – but interesting nonetheless. I especially love the line I quoted above, and the following bit: So where are we now? Of course, many would-be travel […]

Walls by the Numbers

My return from Belfast on Monday marked the end of my travels for my walls project. I thought a little accounting might be in order:   WALLS PROJECT TRAVEL INDEX Years since beginning of the project: 3.5 Weeks spent away from home: 46 ‘Territories’ visited: 14 Continents traveled to: 4 Flights taken: 37 Train journeys: […]

July 15

Photo Essay: The Colour Orange

These photos were taken on July 12, 2011 – “The 12th” – in Belfast.

A dedication for my consideration

My 11 year-old niece, Olivia, sent me this modest request by email the other day. She has enthusiastically allowed me to share it here: Hey Zio it’s Olivia (Preferably Olive).  How’s where ever you are?  How are you?  I KNOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!  Can you dedicate the “walls” […]

July 11

Dividing the Dead

Sometimes reality offers up such easy metaphors that a writer feels cheap using them. One of these is the fact that Qalqilya, a city nearly completely caged by the West Bank wall, is also home to Palestine’s only zoo. Another is the fact that when the Belfast city cemetery was conceived centuries ago, a stone […]

July 11

In Belfast

I am in Belfast to write about what outsiders – but few locals – call the Peace Lines. Belfast is the eighth and last stop on my ‘walls journey.’ Most of the other walls I’ve visited have yawned across international borders, disputed or otherwise, and often tracked for hundreds of kilometres at a time. In […]