November 02

Top 40 (barely) Under 40

I admit that I find these sort of things a little embarrassing, but I have to say I feel honoured to be included on Avenue Magazine‘s ‘Top 40 Under 40‘ for 2012. I share the list with some pretty impressive people, and the Top 40 alumni includes friends and colleagues I’ve long admired, including author (and future MP) Chris Turner, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, former wrestling teammate Jeremy Podlog, writer and puppet master Judd Palmer, and reigning Giller Prize winner Will Ferguson. So thank you to Avenue for putting me in such fine company.

The thing about such lists, though, is by greeting your pre-40 accomplishments with praise they suggest, by contrast, that your post-40 deeds are less noteworthy. Last night I was feted with “Look at all you’ve done already!” After my next birthday, my work will be met, instead, with “What took you so long?”

The full Class of 2012 list can be found here.