Walls by the Numbers

My return from Belfast on Monday marked the end of my travels for my walls project. I thought a little accounting might be in order:



Years since beginning of the project: 3.5

Weeks spent away from home: 46

‘Territories’ visited: 14

Continents traveled to: 4

Flights taken: 37

Train journeys: 10

Different currencies used: 11

Approximate pages of handwritten notes taken: 1300

Deserts visited: 2

Kilometres run in the Sahara: 10

Official race time: 55m 20s

Rank among Canadians in the race: 1

Number of Canadians in the race: 1

Rupees lost betting on archery: 300

Accusations of anti-semitism received after blogging about my visit to an Israeli settlement: 6

‘Green Lines’ crossed: 2

Members of Canada’s ‘Operation Snowgoose’ peacekeeping mission I met in Cyprus: 1

Percentage of entire ‘Snowgoose’ force this man represents: 100

Amount paid for chicken tikka masala in Kolkata: $2

In Parc-Extension: $7

In Belfast: $14

Hours spent watching riots in Belfast before getting bored: 4

Days spent in Belfast hostel: 23

Times bathroom was cleaned during my stay: 0

Weeks remaining before first draft deadline: 12

Chapters left to write: 4