A dedication for my consideration

My 11 year-old niece, Olivia, sent me this modest request by email the other day. She has enthusiastically allowed me to share it here:

Hey Zio it’s Olivia (Preferably Olive).  How’s where ever you are?  How are you?  I KNOW WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!  Can you dedicate the “walls” book to me????  Or at least mention my name some place very noticeable?  Thanks in advance.  Nonna (She’s standing right behind me) said I should tell you why.  None of the kids at school believe that you are a published author or that even if you are a published author that we are related.  So for my sake (and my b-day present) please dedicate the book  to me!!!!  Thanks in advance…. again.
P.S I saw your son today.  P.P.S Guess where i was all last week and what I did.
your FAVOURITE niece, 
Olive Rose Di Cintio