Big Night in Forest Lawn

My story about the cooking students at Calgary’s Forest Lawn High School appeared in last Friday’s Swerve magazine. The article chronicled “International Cuisine Night,” the climax of the school’s three-year culinary arts program. Seven grade-twelve students divided into three groups and researched an ethnic cuisine of their choice. After weeks of menu research, each group designed a four-course dinner which they prepared for their families on a frantic Thursday evening.

I spent “International Night” in the kitchen observing and interviewing the students as they turned out scallop and pine nut pasta, squares of baklava, bowls of pho, capri salads, spring rolls, lemongrass chicken breasts and other creations. I was most impressed with their passion for cooking and their devotion to making excellent meals. There was no teen indifference in the kitchen. No shrugged “whatevers.”

Until the Calgary Herald takes it off the website, the story can be found here.