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The Civic Campers

My profile on Civic Camp, a Calgary civic-action group, appears in this week’s Swerve Magazine (found in The Calgary Herald). Civic Camp is an assemblage of individuals, activists, and advocacy groups that work for change in Calgary and yearn to create a more liveable city. They are an inspiring bunch. The story is called “An […]

Big Night in Forest Lawn

My story about the cooking students at Calgary’s Forest Lawn High School appeared in last Friday’s Swerve magazine. The article chronicled “International Cuisine Night,” the climax of the school’s three-year culinary arts program. Seven grade-twelve students divided into three groups and researched an ethnic cuisine of their choice. After weeks of menu research, each group […]

SpeakingĀ Volumes

Today’s Swerve Magazine, the weekly magazine found in The Calgary Herald, includes a profile I penned about Wayne Skinner. Skinner is caretaker of the most marvelous collection of books I’ve ever seen. Over the past twenty-five years or so, Skinner has collected about 14,000 books. Almost all of them Canadian and almost all of them […]

September 11

Great HomeĀ Chefs

My freelance writing career has been typically feast or famine. This September I am feasting. In addition to the Maisonneuve piece I mentioned in my last post, and a story about Tangier in this month’s Westworld Magazine, I wrote the cover story in today’s Swerve Magazine. In it, I profile five great amateur chefs of […]