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Pay No Heed in Ontario

Friends in Toronto, Windsor, Hamilton and Ottawa please note: I will be bringing the new book back on the road to you next week. Here is a list of my events. Come if you can. Pay No Heed to the Rockets will be part of a dual book-launch with Nahla Abdo’s An Oral History of […]

The Enduring Nakba

One of the most important things I learned during my time with the Palestinians was how the Nakba was less a historical event than the beginning of a process that is ongoing. Here is my take, in yesterday’s The Globe and Mail.

May 01

Pay No Heed in the UK

  I will be bringing Pay No Heed to the Rockets to the UK later this month on my first ever overseas tour – and my first ever visit to London. Saqi, my publishers, are keeping me busy. Here is a list of my events. I will be doing a “Meet the Author” event at […]

March 20

Mourid and Me

My favourite Palestinian book is Mourid Barghouti’s beautiful 1997 memoir I Saw Ramallah. The book opens with Barghouti crossing the Allenby Bridge over the Jordan River into Palestine after 30 years of exile. Barghouti describes stepping out of a Jordanian border post and glancing west across the bridge at the land of Palestine: Who would […]

March 09

Pay No Heed in Calgary

My first event for Pay No Heed to the Rockets Palestine in the Present Tense will take place on April 9th. The event, hosted by Omar Mouallem, will be part of a Wordfest mini-festival called “Sane Takes on an Insane World.” I am terribly excited about this. For information and tickets go here.

February 01

The UK cover

London-based Saqi Books will be publishing an abridged version of Pay No Heed to the Rockets this May. I love the cover they designed.

December 06

Feeding Gaza

The August issue of Geographical Magazine featured my story about the challenges of simply eating while under a military blockade. Here, finally, is a link to “Feeding Gaza.”