October 02

A brief political rant


I will be plain. We’ve reached the point where voting for the Conservative Party of Canada is an immoral act.

Instead of appealing to our better natures – instead of invoking the once-Canadian values like inclusion, fairness and compromise – Harper and his cabal have chosen to appeal to the worst of us. This is their strategy. Beneath his blue tent squirm the fearful, the greedy, the xenophobic, the small-minded and the knowledge-averse. Nobody else is there.

How little our Prime Minister must think of us. How foolish and easily manipulated he believes us to be.

Because I will be out of the country on election day, I voted last week. I cast a ballot for Kent Hehr, the Liberal Party candidate in my riding. I like Kent. He seems a good fellow and his campaign sign stands on my lawn. But let me be clear: the Liberal Party in general does not inspire me. As much as Trudeau has impressed me during this campaign, I oppose his party’s positions on several issues, such as Bill C-51, and find the Liberal stance on the Israel-Palestinian issue almost as disappointing as the ruling Conservatives.

The main reason I voted for Kent is because he is the candidate most likely to unseat Conservative Joan Crockatt – Calgary’s most embarrassing MP since Rob Anders. I voted for Kent because a victory for him means the Conservatives are one seat closer to being tossed out. I voted for Kent because it is the only thing I can do to end the nightmare.

In recent elections, I cast ballots for Naheed Nenshi and Chris Turner. I felt pleasure marking my X beside their names because I was voting for something. Those candidates represented the city and country I wanted to live in. Last week I voted against something. It gave me little pleasure, but at least I know I did the moral thing.

I am a better person than Harper wants me to be.