November 12

Final ‘One Book One Calgary’ Events

Palestine 2009 118

There are only a few days left in the Calgary Public Library’s ‘One Book One Calgary’ program, and two final events I am happy to be part of.

On Saturday afternoon, I will join the CPL’s current writer-in-residence, the ever-charming Rosemary Nixon, for an event called “From the Authors.” Rosemary and I will be ‘talking shop’ about our lives as writers and our individual approaches to our work, as well as inviting questions from the audience. No doubt everyone will be amazed and entertained.

I am most excited about Sunday’s event, the closer of this year’s OBOC, which we are calling “Personal Stories of Survival.” I will be moderating a panel discussion with five individuals who have personal stories about the ‘walls’ they have lived alongside. Hadeel Qazzaz will speak about her life in Palestine, Hector Frias will speak about living in Ciudad Juarez along the US-Mexico border, and Cheryl Duek will talk about the Berlin Wall. For more local content, Cory Cardinal will speak about life on the Tsuu T’ina Reserve and Kris Demeanor will talk about growing up among the fences of Calgary’s suburban southwest. Clearly, this will be a wide-ranging discussion and I am excited to hear what all these ‘wall dwellers’ have to say.

Details for both of these events can be found here. Please join us.