September 02


Iceland II: The Hanging Out with Writers Edition


Looks like I’ll be returning to Iceland, erupting volcanoes notwithstanding.

Next spring, I will be a featured instructor at the Iceland Writers Retreat. I’ll join an international handful of writers – including Barbara Kingslover, Adam Gopnik, Ruth Reichl and fellow Canadians John Valiant and Alison Pick – in Reykjavic for a four-day program of workshops and readings. It is a pretty sweet gig.

I’m excited for the chance to return to that beautiful city, if only for the amazing espresso. Hopefully I will get the chance to do some independent travel in Iceland post-retreat, perhaps to the northern city of Akureyri. (I won’t be returning to the penis museum.) My wife and son have already put in their Iceland souvenir orders: A plush puffin for Amedeo, and a bottle of Einstök White Ale for Moonira.