June 09

Attention Bulgarians!


I knew something was up when Bulgarian reviews of Walls started appearing on my Goodreads page. Sure enough, the Bulgarian translation has been released. This is the first time one of my books has been translated and I’m enjoying the novelty of not being able to read my own work.

As it turns out, Bulgaria could very well have its own chapter in the book. News came out late last year that the Bulgarian government was building a razor wire fence along its border with Turkey in an attempt to keep out illegal migrants and, especially, Syrian refugees. Observers fear the new fencing will force migrants and refugees to choose more dangerous routes into Europe. As I write in Walls  – or Стени – the same situation leads to the death of migrants along the US-Mexico border. Other commentators have criticized Bulgaria for turning back families seeking comfort from the horrors of war. A great story about this can be found here.