Advance Praise for Walls

Thanks to Margaret MacMillan, Taras Grescoe, and Moez Surani for saying these nice things about Walls:

Yet another wonderful read from one of the best travel writers of his generation. In Walls, Marcello Di Cintio tells compelling and engrossing stories with his customary mix of vivid detail, a strong sense of history, a lovely sense of humour and, above all, a fascination with the human race in all its contradictions.

Margaret MacMillan, author of Paris 1919 and Nixon in China

I’ve never bought the divisive notion that good fences make for good neighbors. But one thing’s for sure: Walls make for great stories—something Marcello Di Cintio richly demonstrates in this energetically researched and beautifully recounted work of reportage.

Taras Grescoe, author of Straphanger and The Devil’s Picnic

“Di Cintio explores eight political hot spots — zones where walls split terrain, people, and minds. With admirable legwork and vivid prose, he discovers that these walls and the communities living along both sides of them are sites of fear, illness, and suspicion, but also sites of solidarity, storytelling, and intense creativity. This journey is his method of engagement, and in reading it he implicates us in the tensions and suppressed ambitions of these divided societies.”

Moez Surani, author of Floating Life