“A courageous Palestinian has died, shrouded in stones”

Almost two years ago, I posted an excerpt from the West Bank chapter of my book-in-progress. The excerpt described my observations of anti-Wall protests in the West Bank village of Jayyous. I wrote about the “furious beauty” of stone-throwing Palestinian men.

In today’s Haaretz, journalist Jonathan Pollak writes a compelling story of the death of one such stone-thrower, Mustafa Tamimi. Pollak writes:

Mustafa died because he threw stones; he died because he dared to speak a truth, with his hands, in a place where the truth is forbidden. Any discussion of the manner of the shooting, its legality and the orders on opening fire, infers that the landlord is forbidden to expel the trespasser. Indeed, the trespasser is allowed to shoot the landlord.

Pollak’s story is gorgeous and sad. Read it here.