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November 15

Travel Writing Workshop in Vancouver

Hello all. This month in Vancouver – in addition to my reading/discussion event with Carol Shaben and Deborah Campbell – I will be teaching a travel writing workshop. “The Art of Travel Writing” is part of Geist Magazine’s ‘Fall Workshop Series.’ The workshop runs on the afternoon of November 25th. For details and registration information, […]

July 22

“The world is not as small as Google Earth depicts it.”

Here is an article from the Financial Times on travel writing. The piece, titled “The places in between,” is a little cranky – Paul Theroux penned it, after all – but interesting nonetheless. I especially love the line I quoted above, and the following bit: So where are we now? Of course, many would-be travel […]

Representing the Other

Yesterday I was part of a panel discussion with writer Sid Marty, and moderated by Pamela Banting, about “Representing the Other” in Creative Nonfiction. We covered several interesting ideas during the 90 minute discussion, but a comment from a member of the audience questioned the responsibility of the author in portraying the Other, and I […]

Thinking about Travel Writing

Last night I attended a reading and discussion put on by the American Club in Mumbai. An American nature writer and poet named Bruce Berger was in town. After reading some wonderful poetry, Mr. Berger spoke with a moderator, poet Ranjit Hoskote, and the small audience about the writing life. The discussion turned to travel […]

Solitary and Southbound

Today I slipped south out of Tiznit and into ochre hills covered in bent trees spaced so far apart you’d think they don’t get along. It was my third long roadtrip in as many days. I’ve traveled south from Casablanca to Essaouria, Essaouria to Tiznit, and Tiznit to Tan Tan where I now sit. Each […]