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“Wall of Shame” goes digital

The digital version of the current Geist magazine is now up and running. My story about the Saharawi refugee camps, titled “Wall of Shame,” begins on page 53. The good people at Geist did a fantastic job with the layout. My work has never looked so pretty. This story has turned out to be rather […]

Last Days Among the Saharawi

On my last day in the camps I had lunch on the edge of a minefield. I was only about 300 metres from the wall that separates the Saharawi from their homeland. As we sat there eating tuna sandwiches and barbecuing strips of camel meat on the tiny fire our driver prepared, Moroccan soldiers watched […]

March 01

Photos from the Camps

Here are a few of my favourite photos from my days in the Saharawi refugee camps. This girl was part of the parade marking the Saharawi ‘National Day’, February 27th. They celebrated the day before, however, because all the foreigners who were in the camps for the race were leaving on the 27th. A Saharawi […]

February 26

Among the Saharawi

I feel like I am a long way from anywhere right now. I am in Smara, the largest of the Saharawi refugee camps in southwestern Algeria. These camps have housed Saharawi people since the mid-1970s when thousands were expelled from their land in the Western Sahara by the Moroccan army. In 1981, the Moroccans built […]