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June 17


“The fence is a short story,” Nick Semeniuk told me. We were in his house on the edge of Parc-Extension and across the street from the ‘famous’ l’Acadie fence. Nick lived in Parc X most of his life and remembers the day in 1970 when a battalion of Université de Montréal students tore down the […]

May 20

Parc Extension Mural

The  Montreal community of Parc Extension commissioned this mural to celebrate the neighbourhood’s centennial anniversary last year. The different fabrics in the image represent the diversity of cultures that make their home in Parc Ex. The mural is not without its detractors, but I think it is gorgeous.

Thinking about Walls in Montreal

I am in Montreal conducting research for what will likely be the last chapter of the ‘Walls’ book. I will investigate the fence, built in the 1960s, that stands between the neighbourhoods of the Town of Montreal and Parc Extension. I’ve only just begun my inquiries here and look forward to learning more. I am […]