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March 20

Mourid and Me

My favourite Palestinian book is Mourid Barghouti’s beautiful 1997 memoir I Saw Ramallah. The book opens with Barghouti crossing the Allenby Bridge over the Jordan River into Palestine after 30 years of exile. Barghouti describes stepping out of a Jordanian border post and glancing west across the bridge at the land of Palestine: Who would […]

June 13

Palestinian reading list #1: “Interpretations”

Mourid Barghouti (photo credit Peter Everard Smith)   I am going to start posting regular selections from some of the Palestinian literature I am reading for my current book project. The first is a poem by Mourid Barghouti, and translated by Radwa Ashour, entitled “Interpretations.”  Barghouti is a fine poet, but perhaps is best known […]

November 03

Barghouti’s ‘Ordinary’ Jerusalem

  I just finished reading Palestinian author Mourid Barghouti’s excellent book I Saw Ramallah. The book was first published in Arabic in 1997 and the English translation I have dates back to 2001. Still, with the conflict going on in Jerusalem these days, I thought Bargouti’s description of the city bears sharing:   All that […]