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Playing ‘King David’s Wall’

I just learned that musicians Glenn Weyant (who I write about in my book) and Jon Rose once played the stretch of US-Mexico border wall that appears on the UK cover of Walls. Weyant named this part of the wall ‘King David’s Wall’ after a passage from the Bible. Here is a video of their performance, […]

July 16

“There is no Jericho moment.”

The release date for Walls: Travels Along the Barricades fast approaches. My book launch is now scheduled for September 20th. In the months before the release, I wanted to invite some of the ‘wall dwellers’ I met during my travels to post on this blog. First up is Glenn Weyant. I met Glenn in Arizona […]

The Border at Lochiel, Arizona

This photo of the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Lochiel, Arizona, is by musician Glenn Weyant. I’ve written about Glenn’s soundings of the border Wall previously on this blog. (Glenn also appears in the Walls book and in my TEDxCalgary talk.) I love how the fish-eye photo serves to subvert the fence it portrays. The barrier […]

November 06

“It’s an industrially-produced medieval monster. However, I’m getting to know it.”

About a year ago I traveled to Arizona to write about the U.S.-Mexico border wall. There I met Glenn Weyant, a musician who ‘plays’ the border wall and makes strange and fantastic recordings of what the border sounds like. I played a ‘duet’ with Glenn in Nogales, Arizona and wrote about it here. I also […]

November 17

Sounding the Wall

“Bach played in cathedrals,” musician Glenn Weyant told me. “The Sonoran Desert is my cathedral.” And Weyant’s instrument is the border wall. I traveled to Nogales with Weyant and watched him attach a contact microphone to the border wall. He plugged the mic into an amplifier and the wall sings before it is even played. […]