OBOC_top_header_thin August 26

One Book, One Calgary

I am pleased, and surprised, to announce that the Calgary Public Library has chosen Walls: Travels Along the Barricades as their 2014 ‘One Book, One Calgary’ selection. According to the OBOC website, the program is “designed to ignite community dialogue and enrich community connections through a shared reading experience.” I’m pretty sure this means that […]

Assunta alone August 24

An Elegy to St. Andrew’s

While it has been several decades since I believed in the religion practiced within its walls, I couldn’t help but feel sad when I heard that Calgary’s former Italian church was up for sale. I wrote a short piece about the old church, and my family’s relationship to it, that appears in Swerve Magazine. The story […]

“Gaza,” by Hala Alyan

A couple of years ago I had the great pleasure and honour of reading with Hala Alyan at an event in Ramallah. As a three-day truce between the IDF and Hamas is holding, and as Israeli ground forces leave the Strip, I hope – beyond all reason – that Hala’s words are the last I […]

KORITZA STENI.indd June 09

Attention Bulgarians!

I knew something was up when Bulgarian reviews of Walls started appearing on my Goodreads page. Sure enough, the Bulgarian translation has been released. This is the first time one of my books has been translated and I’m enjoying the novelty of not being able to read my own work. As it turns out, Bulgaria […]

satellite-image-of-iceland May 15

First Dispatch from Iceland

It is 10:30pm in Reykjavic. Although it is still nearly daylight outside – strange, even for a Canadian used to long, northern days – Moonira and Amedeo are already asleep. We’ve done more walking in the five days we’ve been in Iceland than we have in the previous month at least. Our Iceland nights end […]

walls-cover May 02

The Walls of Calgary

A long time ago, Avenue Magazine asked if I could write a story that applied what I’d learned during my walls-around-the-world research to Calgary. I considered the assignment, but decided that there wouldn’t be enough to write about. I returned to the idea a few months back, however, and sent out a call to my […]

DSC05157 May 01

NMA Nod for “Juggling Act”

“Juggling Act,” my story about The Palestinian Circus School that appeared in Eighteen Bridges magazine, is up for a National Magazine Award. The story attracted a fair bit of criticism from readers who felt the piece was one-sided. I am honoured, though, that the NMA jury disagreed. You can read the story here.


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