Pay No Heed to the Rockets – a book in progress

It occurred to me today that I haven’t “officially” announced my current project, at least not here online. Those who follow this blog know that a few years ago I spent a month as the writer-in-residence at the Palestine Writing Workshop. I became interested in Palestinian literary culture at that time and published a long […]

IWR_logo April 14

The Iceland Writers Retreat

Last night I returned to Calgary after spending a week as an instructor at the Iceland Writers Retreat. The event, in only its second year, is a marvelous bringing-together of featured authors from around the world with about 80 workshop participants for a week of writing, reading, eating, drinking and – because it is in […]

DOWNTOWN February 11

Missing Michael Green

I would like to express some thoughts on Michael Green’s passing, not as his friend or colleague – sadly, I was neither – but as a fan. Michael was a fearless, funny and completely absorbing performer. When he was on stage, I could never take my eyes off him – even when he stood there […]

gifted January 31

“The Gifted Tag”

I’ve been wanting to write a story about giftedness for many years now. Over the last couple of months I finally did the research and interviews I wanted to do. The resulting story, titled “The Gifted Tag” appears in last week’s issue of Swerve Magazine. The story is also online here. I first became interested in […]

Hedgehog2 December 01

‘Song of the Caged Bird’ in Quill and Quire

Kamal al-Solaylee wrote a lovely piece about Song of the Caged Bird: Writing as Resistance in Palestine, and the ‘new’ genre of digital “short books”, in December’s Quill and Quire. The story, called ‘Marcello Di Cintio’s new Journey,” can be found here. (I apologize, in advance, to fans of Eat, Pray, Love.)

Photo by Joey Podlubny, Calgary Herald November 21

“On the Other Side of the Berlin Wall”

A couple of weeks ago, I met Heike Kretschmer at a recent event marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. She told an amazing and tragic story about how the Berlin Wall destroyed her family. Heike’s story appears in today’s Swerve Magazine here.

Gratitude all around

Sunday marked the final event of the Calgary Public Library’s ‘One Book One Calgary’ program. I joined a panel of fascinating folks at Fish Creek Library for a telling of personal stories of ‘walls’ in our lives. My thanks to Hadeel Qazzaz, Hector Frias, Cheryl Dueck, Cory Cardinal and Kris Demeanor for sharing their remarkable […]


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